The Rise of Consciousness: The Lost Tape

by Jamii Tata


Jamii Tata Detroit, Michigan

Jamii Tata (born in Detroit, MI) is a spoken word poet who draws inspiration from the late great Gil Scott-Heron, The Last Poets, Langston Hughes, Malcolm X and Fred Hampton. Intertwining poetry, beatboxing and emceeing he has performed in MI, IL and TX. He sets to release his first official mixtape entitled Justice Journal in February of 2012. (Food) Justice Journal will follow in 2014. ... more

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Track Name: Heart of Stone
"No paint in schools, no art utensils
so i'm going to the biggest canvas I can find yo."
Track Name: Rebelhood (Goonies)
Thrust in the rebelhood
Where the shovels are hot
And graves are ready
To add weight to the plot
Down bottom, black bottom
Detroit has to rise to the top
Without an engine block

Skilled labor exists
Unemployment makes us sit
The march on Washington gave folks a fit
Mobilized, organized, solidified as one fist
Each step cracked the pavement
The Poor Peoples' Economic Rights Campaign got next
Ya heard me

I'm an independent
Article 25 got Republicans upset
I don't really give an ish
I vote on the issues
Not the people
Who run the party
Politics is all about watching
Your words
Bad connotation
Sounds like a lot of fun
And socializing with the birds

A chasing after the wind
After a candidate wins
Here we go again – broken promises
And pipe dreams
But no Mario or Luigi
To clean up all the accidents
Many masochists
Inhabit the oval offices
When disaster hits
They on TV
Stepping up to the challenge
Semi taking the blame
Redirecting the focus
As long as they redirecting the punishment
To someone else
Just a little bit
It falls on one of us
The taxpayers

We don't really even get the message
The context is convoluted
In their process
Process of talking
When they really be walking
A fine line
Saying, "you and I
Gon get it"
We gon fall in a dang pit
Ain't nobody
Gon even listen
If you'll hone your skills
You'll be hearing what I hear
And I wouldn't have to be spitting this track
Track Name: 5th Element
[verse 1]

From the universal nation of Zulu

To the Electric Boogaloo

Hip Hop was supposed to speak to

The kids in the street

Renewing belief

That life is worth more

Than a casket and wreath

A People’s Army

Is what the Panthers wished for


We drawing them

like kamikazes

Against ourselves

Destroying all flesh

And bone

We’re at a crossroads

Graveyard or sunlight

ACT or black mask heist

For blood diamond dice

Several thousand or 11 years

Several sirens sounding

Or stability for years

1) Redirect

Your focus, your energies

Destroy your enemies

Tagging over their masterpiece

2) Redirect

Your gun and your trigger please


On the box on the concrete

3) Redirect needles

From your arm tract

To a breakbeat track

On turntables and scratch

Verbal manslaughter

Is domestic violence

Unless you’re rapping

About a dreadful climate

4) Redirect

Words from your mate

To the .dat

Escape prison bars

like an acrobat

Redirect words

From the cops to the .dat

Then “f*** the police”

Won’t bruise your face

Blue and black


5th Element – Self knowledge

Understand true power

Your mind is greater than a dollar

5th Element – Self knowledge

Solve Hard Problems

Without knife or revolver
Track Name: Vibing (Msg 2 The White Collar)
Vibing: Msg 2 The White Collar

If you don’t like Hip Hop Why you take music out the schools? Instead of rappin’ I would be in a Jazz trio

The next member of The Roots Alongside Quest Love Instead of Black Thought I on (own) drums No rhymin’ No lyrics Just key signatures Reading the bass and the treble

If not on the drums Then on the trumpet You feel Soul It’s cuz I’m (Louis) Armstrong’s puppet

With more violins & bows There would be less video hoes With more guitar riffs There would be less pick pockets

Just a guitar case Acting as a giant wallet People clapping Dropping coins While they surrounding... (Music)
Track Name: Broken Wings
I was handed a bad batch of angel's wings, when I tried to fly I was stuck in a dream.