Trials of the Roofless II

by Jamii Tata



Part II of a song to all my brothas and sisters without a roof but never lacking a home. It also addresses the discrimination and criminalization of the roofless by the pigs. Created circa 2010


Movement I

Sleeping on the corners and the
Might be in prison if I offer cops
back talk

Garbage cans and shopping carts
Stole this toaster
So I could get $5
from the pawnshop

Hard knock
Think my life is hard in the day?
Well, u should see it at night
Freddy Krueger sells drugs
to my sight

$5 blow jobs
And Underage Prostitution -
We must be losing our minds
But this is the city I was raised in
Where we’re exposed to this neurological crime
All the time

Every single second they push me against the wall
Put the stick to my back and watch me fall
I don't really like it,
you shouldn't either...

Movement II

I'm homeless
I just don't know it yet
I parade around in chariots
In my leisure
My driver forgets me
I wish he would forget me not

He treats me like the rest of the world
3 hours later he wakes and tells me
That there are no more stops
I step off the bus and head for home
Acres upon acres I stumble upon

My porch light shines
You can see it from the moon
I start by heading to my many stereos
Sweet blues
Heartbreak and hardship... my kind of muse

I turn the same station on three other radios
To intensify the sound
My neighbors don't mind- they're friendly
Yet always soliciting my sound

Systematic, everyday they wear the same clothes
Even I change
I spilled ketchup and mustard just right
So I could sell t-shirts at a fresh price

I envy my neighbors from afar
Controlling traffic with a cashbox
I need a magic box that attracts
Maybe I need to trade in my tin cup
For a box

Movement III

Sweet sweet sweet walls of morning conviction
Thank you for granting me a cart to store my belongings
My neighbors never park in my spot
Though our spaces are right next to each
I have a great deal of love for them

They always call me over to sample their food
They provide me with an assortment of books to read
I feel like i'm being disloyal when I spend
My daytime hours at the library

I'm thankful! I'm so very thankful
to Meyer and Walmart
Because even though I don't have an address
I never feel like I'm lacking a home

Shouts out to public transportation, public libraries,
public parks and food banks!

And for the punk police who like to push and prod
My people sleeping on the park benches, just wait
Until I become a politician
I"m going to make it illegal to loiter
In donut shops


released December 24, 2010



all rights reserved


Jamii Tata Detroit, Michigan

Jamii Tata (born in Detroit, MI) is a spoken word poet who draws inspiration from the late great Gil Scott-Heron, The Last Poets, Langston Hughes, Malcolm X and Fred Hampton. Intertwining poetry, beatboxing and emceeing he has performed in MI, IL and TX. He sets to release his first official mixtape entitled Justice Journal in February of 2012. (Food) Justice Journal will follow in 2014. ... more

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